12 things that can (almost) always make your day better.
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One day in the month of December 2017 I was thinking how happy taking my bra off makes me feel, or lighting up a candle, or eating spaghetti in bed, or observing water, or calling my mom, or taking a shit. So I decided to make a thing out of it and put together '12 Things That Can (Almost) Always Make Your Day Better' in the form of a pocket calendar. Here's how it goes:
January: guacamole | February: fresh pair of socks | March: cup of tea | April: record playing | May: spaghetti in bed | June: New plant | July: observing water | August: taking a shit | September: taking your (for the ladies) or a (for the gents) bra off | October: giving me (or your mom) a call | November: lighting up a candle | December: a glass of wine




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